Write for Us

Are you a graduate student* with a topic you would like to address, a story you want to share, or a challenge you faced and have a solution for? If you are a graduate student (known as “postgraduate” in the UK) who is interested in writing for GradHacker we would love to have you on board. We are looking for writers from any university at any level or program in graduate education, including professional education.

Categories that we address include but are not limited to discussions of professional tasks, reviews of software/hardware, pedagogical challenges and solutions, wellness related topics, family and personal issues, and productivity.

If you are interested in contributing to GradHacker, send us an email pitch for your idea at [email protected]. If it fits within our needs and guidelines, we’ll happily post your article on our blog as a guest post. If you enjoy writing for us, there’s also the possibility of joining us as a paid writer with a more permanent presence on GradHacker.

Contributor Guidelines

All contributors to GradHacker must currently be enrolled in a graduate program. We request that all contributions
be between 300-800 words. Since a major goal of GradHacker is to stimulate conversation within the graduate student community, we also ask that all contributors participate in the discussion and comments that follow their post’s publication. We do not accept contributions from those whose interest in posting is primarily commercial.
*All emails from those who wish to contribute guest posts to GradHacker must include the author’s graduate institution and major- emails that do not include this information will not receive a response. If you are not a graduate student and/or are only interested in contributing to GradHacker for commercial purposes, you are not eligible to publish on GradHacker.org. Please do not waste your time or the time of GradHacker’s editors, writing and asking if we are interested in your post if you do not meet the above guidelines. Thank you.

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