gh2GradHacker is currently looking for enthusiastic graduate students to join our team in one of the following capacities:

Permanent Author

Permanent Authors are responsible for providing one quality post per month and for serving as copy editor/proof reader for your fellow authors’ work for a term of no less than one month. Permanent Authors are also required to pitch one “theme week” (such as last year’s applicant week or our crossover week with ProfHacker), which may require locating contributors outside the GradHacker network. The position requires self-motivation, creativity, and attention to detail, and offers the chance to build relationships outside your home university, as well as the opportunity to deliver your ideas to the more than 25,000 individuals who read our content every month on Authors will also be provided with an honorarium of $20 per published post and $150 following the completion of their month of copy editing/proof reading, to be delivered in the form of an Amazon gift card.

Those interested in joining the GradHacker team as a Permanent Author should send a CV and two post proposals with subject line “RE: Permanent Author” to [email protected] no later than July 7th. We anticipate adding around five new authors for the 2013-2014 academic year.

Development Editor

GradHacker is also seeking a motivated graduate student to fill the position of Development Editor. The Development Editor is responsible for handling correspondence and maintaining a social media presence, as well as working with Permanent Authors to ensure posts are in line with GH’s mission and published on schedule. In addition, the Development Editor is responsible for working with the editors at to ensure that GradHacker posts are delivered to their site on schedule. The job requires an individual who is familiar with graduate student issues, has a basic knowledge of WordPress, and can be relied upon to ensure that GradHacker maintains a reliable schedule.

The Development Editor is a paid position, and offers $12 an hour for 6 hours per week. This job is an excellent source of extra income for those graduate students looking to supplement their current funding packages, and can be done from any location with an internet connection. In addition to the financial compensation, the Development Editor will have the opportunity to gain non-academic professional experience working for a blog that generates an average of 25,000 views per month.

Those interested in joining the GradHacker team as a Development Editor should send a cover letter and CV with the subject line “RE: Development Editor” to [email protected] no later than July 7th. The position officially begins on August 1, but the candidate must be available for a few hours of paid training in mid to late-July.



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