Photo of two massage tables in a spaThis week we’ve put together wish lists for technology and professionalization, perfect for the grad students in your life. Today our authors focus on their favorite gifts to relieve stress and improve your grad’s personal life.

Katie S. – Bodum Stainless Steel Double Wall French Press Mug: As a caffeine connoisseur who has one I can say that this thing is awesome. However, if the grad student you have in mind doesn’t drink coffee this still works great for a variety of loose leaf teas. Easy to wash and highly portable, this would make a great gift for a student who likes a nice, warm, caffeinated beverage before diving into writing.

Chemist’s Cocktail Kit: Because we all know that sometimes grad students need something a little stronger than coffee or tea. This kit is a fun way to mix up some seriously tasty and precise beverages thanks to the graduated test tubes. A much better choice than using actual lab glassware!

Liz – FitBit Activity Tracker: For the health-conscious grad, this little gadget has nothing to do with academics, but is a great way for graduate students to stay on track when it comes to physical activity and good sleep. FitBit tracks our sleep and activity habits throughout the day, helping remind us to get up and move once in a while, and to get some good, deep sleep!

Ashley – Connection: Being a graduate student is often quite isolating, so take a little time to go out for coffee, go for a hike, grab lunch—whatever you both enjoy doing that is completely unrelated to academia. It doesn’t have to cost much, but it will mean the world.

Subscription to Headspace: GradHackers have written about the many benefits of mindfulness meditation, as have the authors at LifeHacker. This app makes it easy to begin and continue a daily mindfulness practice—to create some “headspace,” a few moments of calm in the midst of busyness.

Justin – Mr. Tea, Tea Infuser: Mr. Tea puts the “cool” back into a hot cup of tea. Simply fill his pants with the loose tea of your choice and set him in a cup of hot water. His arms fit snug around the edge of most standard mugs, and his rubber trousers make cleaning a breeze. If you prefer to mix it up a bit, check out Mr. Tea’s friends MANATEA and Deep Tea Diver.

Erin – Spa Day: Grad students tend to spend much of their time hunched over a desk, so give them a gift certificate for a massage or a relaxing spa treatment. Their bodies and minds will appreciate it!

Alicia – Gifts for the Home: So your favorite grad didn’t win our recent photo contest? Surprise him/her with a gift from one of our great sponsors sure to brighten up any working space, including inspirational prints from The Office Stylist, a Mason jar terrarium from Doodle Birdie, a skyline print of her favorite city from Bugsy & Sprite, or a super-hip print for the kitchen from Benton Park Prints.

[Image by Flickr user Dennis Wong used under creative commons licensing.]



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