The editors at GradHacker are excited to announce that this week we will be collaborating with our friends at ProfHacker for a series of posts on improving productivity. As a result of this crossover, we will be posting new articles every day this week from Monday to Friday. Though we do realize the irony in promoting increased productivity by giving you even more to read (unless, of course, you’re writing your dissertation on GradHacker), we have faith that this week’s authors have insight that will ultimately yield high returns on the time you invest in their articles.

As always, we hope that you’ll increase the value of GradHacker by sharing your comments on these articles, and letting us know any techniques that you’ve found to be successful in increasing your own productivity. Your feedback and participation in discussions have been the foundation of the success we’ve experienced in GradHacker’s first year, and we look forward to a fruitful (and more productive) 2012-13 academic year!

Your GradHacker Editorial Board:
Alex Galarza, Katy Meyers, and Benjamin Sawyer


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