As grad students our lives seem to be defined by a single moment- our dissertation. However, our lives are made up of so much more than that final writing. We need to be proud of what we are accomplishing on a day to day basis. The brag basket is a way to share what you have achieved this month. Don’t hold back, your accomplishments and good news can be inspiring to others. We at GradHacker are a community; hearing each other’s accomplishments and cheering each other on will bring us closer together. It doesn’t matter how small or large, just anything this month that you are proud of.

So tell us what you’ve accomplished this month in the comments. Don’t be shy, brag a bit!

Monthly Brag Basket was inspired by Small Biz Survival’s Brag Basket and suggested by Terry Brock for GradHacker

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17 Responses to Monthly Brag Basket

  1. This month I finished up my year one progress report, created my digital portfolio, wrote my first CV, and established my goals for the next academic year. I began exploring the area of creativity for my serious game M.A. project, set up a collab site for other TISM M.A. students graduating in 2012 to rant and rave about their projects, and began examining doctoral programs. Just for fun, I’ve made plenty of Artist Trading Cards (which does serve a dual purpose of sometimes adding to my portfolio). And, my first class of 8th graders from when I was in Teach for American graduate this weekend. I’ll brag for them. I think, even as a Masters student, I don’t know how to /not/ be busy.

  2. Alex Galarza says:

    This month I helped launch this site! I am also a week into pre-dissertation research in Buenos Aires, turning up exciting sources and contacts.

  3. Katy Meyers says:

    Like Alex, I am so proud of GradHacker. A lot of man hours went into its creation, and I am so happy that it has done well! Creating GradHacker for me meant learning how to install WordPress, dealing with CMS and HTML, and learning how to do PR. I’m also extremely proud that my first every gluten free vegan cupcakes were a success!

  4. Julie Platt says:

    For the first time in a couple of years, I sent out poetry submissions. I’m pleased to report that I got two poems accepted to Barn Owl Review.

  5. Terry Brock says:

    It has been a busy couple months…the best accomplishment has been completing a draft of chapter one, and surviving meetings about said chapter w committee members. Otherwise, this week I picked up a part time archaeology job that I’m excited about, and secured another year of doing research with MSU’s campus arch program. It’s always nice to know how you’re going to eat!

  6. Emma says:

    Hmmm… I finished my master’s thesis and began teaching two online writing classes (my first online teaching experience). I also started advising a master’s student on her thesis project and was invited to be on her committee. Hiked halfway up a previously unexplored butte in town.

  7. Noemy says:

    In addition to starting my grad program in the fall in Higher Ed Administration, I landed a Grad Assistantship with GEAR UP at Cal State Fullerton last week!

  8. Julie Platt says:

    Also, I’d like to brag on behalf of my man Phill Alexander, who successfully completed his first dissertation chapter this month.

  9. Shane says:

    In the last month or so, the best thing I accomplished was that I finally found a workday routine that works for me– which also involved starting a daily yoga practice. As a result, I finally finished the chapter I’d been struggling with for over a year. This is a major milestone, since I’m trying to finish my dissertation draft by the end of the summer.

    Since committing to starting my workdays with yoga about a month ago, I alsowrote and delivered comments for a conference roundtable about new work in one of my subfields; attended that conference and made a lot of good connections; did some publicity for one of the group projects I work on; and yesterday, I helped a classmate start a new website for dissecting how good scholarly writing works. So I’m feeling good about my accomplishments than I have in a long time.

    Thanks for running this “brag basket” post; it’s a great idea for keeping morale up.

    • EKSwitaj says:

      I love that you’re using Tumblr for that site! I know Tumblr often has a reputation for frivolousness but the reblogging feature allows for some really complex and interactive discussions to develop.

  10. EKSwitaj says:

    This month I worked as part of a small organizing committee to put together plans and costings for a conference next February, and we successfully applied for funding for the conference from our university’s internationalization fund.

    I presented at an in-house postgraduate conference and at the North American James Joyce Conference, using my first Prezi. I wrote and submitted a five-page poem and saw several shorter poems published. I also made a summer writing plan and committed to a training program that will allow me to run in a 10k race in early October.

    Finally, I dealt with a rejection in a productive, constructive way (after only a little bit of drinking). I think that might be what I’m proudest of, to be honest.

  11. Denae says:

    I got into the PhD program at UT Knoxville and got a stipend and fellowship! I’m thrilled but scared. This site helps me get prepared.

  12. PRT says:

    In the last month, I’ve won a summer research fellowship, written the first draft of my current dissertation chapter, been consistent about going to the gym at least three days a week, and learning Latin for my language exam. That means so far I’ve managed to meet every major goal I’ve set for myself this summer!

  13. Fayana Richards says:

    I am proud of working out for the 4 week straight. I have already lost 5 pounds. It should be more than this but I have been cheating on my diet (a lot). This was something that I was unable to do during my first graduate school academic year. I am committed to making this habit stick this time around.

  14. cory.owen says:

    I found out this month that not only did I get a title change and a raise at work, but I got approved a Fulbright seminar in Germany! Plus, I got to join the awesome GradHacker team with my first post coming out tomorrow!

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